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SylfirmX Radio Frequency Microneedling - THE Next Big Thing!


"The world's first and only FDA cleared Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Radio Frequency Micro-needling device targeting both skin laxity and pigmentation for ultimate skin revitalization. SylfirmX has proven effectiveness and safety through 25+ clinical studies."

SylfirmX is one of many different RF microneedling devices on the market. However, Sylfirm X is the newest to market and has several different benefits above other RF microneedling devices.

What is Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling?

RF Microneedling, first used in 1995, is a cosmetic procedure that uses tiny needles and radiofrequency waves to rejuvenate facial skin. In experienced hands, the collagen-boosting benefits of microneedling along with the heat of RF energy can improve the following skin concerns: skin texture and tone, enlarged pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity and scarring. The most commonly treated areas include the face, neck and decolletage, but some RF Microneedling devices can also be used on other body areas.

What are the Pros and Cons of RF Microneedling?


*Benefits of microneedling and RF energy in one combined treatment

* Improved skin tightening and smoothing as well as improvement of scarring

*Minimally invasive and limited downtime

*More dramatic results than with microneedling or RF treatment alone


*Most RF microneedling devices require multiple treatment sessions to create visible change

*Depending upon the device, it can take several months to see visible changes due to new collagen growth

*Topical numbing cream is needed and many of the devices can still be quite painful

*Hyperpigmentation and scarring can occur if not done correctly

What sets SylfirmX Apart?

Sylfirm X is the world's first and only dual-wave RF Microneedling System. Thanks to the cutting-edge RP (Regional Regeneration Radio Repeated Pulse) technology, it operates differently from other RF Microneedling devices. Therefore, SylfirmX has been approved for the safe treatment of neovascularities (melasma, rosacea and other hard-to-treat skin conditions) as well as skin laxity. Which can expect more benefits from each treatment! AND the selective, high-precision treatment does not cause collateral damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

SylfirmX is the only system that can treat tissue at 300 microns to benefit the papillary dermis and the basement membrane. 300 micron targeted therapy improves pigmented or vascular lesions by strengthening the basement membrane and increasing collagen.

This device can also be used to treat peri-orbital wrinkles and promotes skin tightening of eyelids! An obviously difficult area to treat, SylfirmX sets itself apart from many modalities by offering minimally invasive, safe treatments to improve the aging eye. The photo above is after one SylfirmX treatment and demonstrates improvement of skin laxity in the jowl and lower eye area.

Moreover, the treatment process is LESS PAINFUL than many other RF Microneedling devices! The advanced robotic system built into this device allows for more precise depth penetration, less discomfort and more desirable results.

The device can be operated in 8 different modes which allows the practitioner to customize each treatment based upon each patient's concerns, needs and desires. Additional attachments are scheduled to be released soon that can help to destroy fat cells and alleviate submental fat.

What is the Expected Downtime?

The expected downtime is minimal with SylfirnX. Immediately following the procedure you should expect some redness. However, the use of exosomes with our treatments not only improves outcomes, but decreases redness quickly. Most patients have a "normal appearance" the following day. Some patients may have prolonged redness, irritation, or small scabs for a few days, but this is minimal compared to other laser treatments, and the use of makeup is allowed 12 hours later.

What is the cost of Sylfirm X?

Most of the clinics that are offering SylfirmX are currently charging $2500-$3000 per treatment. Simply You Med Spa in Evergreen, CO is offering an introductory rate of $1000-$1500 per treatment! AND until November 5th, you can purchase 2 treatments and receive 1 FREE! Call 720-377-4199 to purchase your package today! This special must be purchased by November 5th, 2022, but you can wait until anytime in 2023 to initiate your treatments if you prefer.

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