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"Be Well" - Your Comprehensive Path to Wellness and Medical Weight Loss at Simply You Med Spa and Wellness Center

Unveiling Our Exclusive Wellness and Medical Weight Loss Program

At Simply You Med Spa and Wellness Center we are excited to introduce our all-encompassing "Be Well" program – a holistic approach to wellness and medical weight loss that goes beyond the conventional. We believe in addressing the root causes of weight gain and providing personalized, sustainable solutions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Let's dive into the details of this transformative program designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

 Your Journey Begins with Michelle Waller, PA-C - Initial Consultation: $99 

Embark on your wellness journey with a comprehensive initial consultation with Michelle Waller, PA-C. With her expertise, you'll establish a personalized plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Monthly Membership: Your Passport to "Be Well"

Monthly Membership Fee: $499/mo (Intro Rate: $399/mo - minimum of 3 months) Enjoy the exclusive benefits of our monthly membership, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness and medical weight loss. Your membership includes:

  1. Monthly Meetings with Michelle Waller, PA-C: Stay on track with regular check-ins and personalized guidance.

  2. Expert Team Support: Benefit from one monthly meeting with an expert from each branch of our team:

Membership Perks: Because You Deserve More

Welcome Gifts:

  • One-month supply of Vitalité Supplements

  • Water jug and bracelet to keep you hydrated and motivated.

Monthly Treats:

  • Infrared Sauna Treatments at Simply You Med Spa and Wellness Center.

  • 5% off laser treatments at Simply You Med Spa.

Wellness Wednesdays:

  • Engage in our monthly lecture series at Natural Grocers.

Exclusive Access:

  • Join our private Facebook Group for ongoing support and community connection.

Fitness and Wellness Discounts:

  • Enjoy discounts at Evergreen Cryotherapy, EAC, Inspired Fitness, Mountainview Pilates Studio, and more.

Healthcare Savings:

  • Discounts on cryotherapy, gym memberships, and wellness services.

Incentives to Keep You Motivated

Program Completion Rewards:

  • $50 gift certificate for completing six months of the program.

  • $100 gift certificate for completing one year of the program.

Weight Goal Achievement:

  • Enter a raffle to win a relaxing massage upon reaching your weight goal.

Additional Options for Tailored Wellness


  • Compounded Semiglutide: + $399/mo

  • Compounded Tirzepatide: + $499/mo

  • CGM Weekly Meetings for One Month: Cost of CGM plus $600 one-time fee.

  • Maintenance: Once quarterly meetings with MW and no other paid meetings: Semiglutide $599/mo and Tirzepatide $699/mo.

A Journey Worth Taking!

1st Month Estimated Costs:

  • Medical Evaluation: $300

  • Team Expert Appointments: $75-$300

  • Vitalité Supplements: $110

  • Infrared Sauna Session: $60

  • Fitness Savings: $10 - $100

  • 1st Month Gifts: $100

Total 1st Month Estimated Cost: $1070 -  $399 monthly introduction rate =  $671 savings!

Start Your "Be Well" Journey Today!

Are you ready to transform your life? Schedule your initial consultation with Michelle Waller, PA-C, and embark on the "Be Well" journey at Simply You Med Spa and Wellness Center. Call us at 720-377-4199 or click here to Schedule your Appointment today! Your path to wellness and medical weight loss awaits!

Remember, at Simply You, we're not just helping you lose weight; we're guiding you towards a healthier, more vibrant life. Join and "Be Well" today!

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